vendredi 13 mai 2011

Parce que

Because I thought he was a gemini (but he is a scorpio). For the choice of his perfume. Because he buys some of his clothes in the woman department. Because he likes reading and sleeping in and having baths. Because he likes to play the fool (but he fears not to be loved). For his funny childish faces. For his sheer madness. Because his hand skin chaps in wintertime. For the roundness of his shoulders and the length of his neck. Because he likes playing to the gallery. Because he likes to be surrounded with girls. Because he steals his mother’s cosmetics. Because he is charming. Because he likes beer and soccer as much as he likes Italian paintings. Because he is the contrary of what he seems to be (under his casual manners : responsibility, under his fickleness : stability, under his nonchalance : frailty, under his provocations : uprightness, under his being a child : his being an adult, under the adult : the child).

I’d like to be a man with him, I’d like to be a woman.

I’d like to be quiet and crazy, his mother and reprimand him, his baby daughter that he tells off.

I’d like us to be two bald faced monster-kids - and two reasonable adults.

With him, I want boredom and elation. I want dereliction and restraint, excess and frustration. And shouts.

I want giggles.

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  1. Blogger deleted it yesterday, but I finally got to thank you for the Liebster Award. Thank you again! Your post reminds me of a lovely french song from "South Pacific" where the French children sing: Est ce que, parce que, vous m'aimez? (Pardon for incorrect spelling).

  2. Beautiful words, my dear friend.

  3. Lovely post :).

    Hugs from:

  4. C'est bizarre.. ça me fait penser à quelqu'Un...