samedi 2 juillet 2011

Yoga nidra

(Akward) translation : On my hair, I spread the solar system, I lay down its dark profound light, its infinite blue. And its billions of stars, dead or alive, catch at my hair's tangles.
In my breast, I put down some scented flowers' petals (rose) and saccharose and some lil ♥. And, of course, cherries : a lot of them. In my breast.
Between my thighs, I hide the secrets of alchemy. Precious metals trickle along my hips : sparkling gold, silver and vermeil.
I put aside green and braun for my feet, around which giant sequoias' and baobabs' roots coil up.
On my face's skin, I carve marble and alabaster, ceramic at a pinch. and I cut an ancient statue's solemn and serene mask.
On my teeth : diamonds -I spread tiny twinkling ones. And here, I seat the Mount Fuji's majesty.
In my womb, eventually, the staggering light which is said to accompany death.

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